Wilco - Star Wars Tour

A Surprise Album

Wilco's follow up to their 2011 Grammy nominated album The Whole Love was their 2015 Grammy nominated album Star Wars. The album was released with no advance notice on the day of their performance at Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival and was available as a free download for the first month after release.

A New Design

The lighting and scenic design for the Star Wars tour was based on discussions with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy about how to incorporate a soft LED product into the show. A few existing products were discussed, but in the end we decided to fabricate our own product to best suit the needs of the production.

A New Product

Three custom soft LED drops were designed and fabricated using 1852 individually controllable LED pixels attached to a 1/2 grid mesh from Rose Brand Fabrics. The fabrication was assisted by Melissa Brynn and Simon Clark at Stageworks Productions.

Because of the nature of the mesh product and the wide spacing of the LED the drops are nearly transparent, allowing for the lighting and upstage scenic to be seen through the midstage and downstage drops.

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Fan Photos

Video - See the LED Pixel Drops being made and in action