Video Projection Art

Dynamic Scenery

Projections, when used in non-conventional ways, can have enormously diverse and magical effects on a scene. I'm always looking for interesting materials and objects to refract light or to project onto. Often times, the video itself acts as a morphable surface texture as opposed to being shown as a recognizable image. The examples here show off some different techniques I favor. Some are more obscure than others and can look very different depending on what type of surface or material they are projected onto.



Art from Nature

I shoot most of my images on a DSLR or iPhone before digitally manipulating the colors and textures. More often than not, the original images are things I find in nature. Light refracting through a piece of broken glass, an extreme close up of the growth rings on a tree, late afternoon shadows playing across the ground; these are all images that lend themselves well as projected textures. I often look to take an image in and out of a recognizable state. I want to give the viewer a different perspective on the details of the natural world around them.