Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Lighting Design

From small to big

Working with creative director Simon Clark from Stageworks, this show originated as a one-off design for their headlining performance at the Sasquatch Music Festival.  We worked mostly with Ryan Lewis who heads up the musical and visual production for Macklemore (Ben Haggerty). The set at the festival would be their largest to date and mark the beginning of their transition from playing clubs and colleges to arenas across the globe. They were interested in different grandiose concepts that would give them a huge 'larger-than-life' look with lots of additional pyro and effects. The letters and proscenium (designed by Simon Clark) were built for the festival show and were carried through as the main design element for their subsequent world tour.

From big to bigger

My lighting design for the arena tour was based on the need to light all of the various scenic elements that were being added to the show as well as providing the touring Lighting Director (Sam Raphael) with plenty of beams for lighting the air and sweeping into the audience. The show used a lot of movement and quick color changes to keep up with the high energy of the music.


A short behind the scenes look at the lighting and scenic design for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's 2013 world tour for their critically acclaimed album "The Heist"