Delta ∆

Delta Spirit, in partnership with Fort Presents produced The Outpost Festival as a first year festival in downtown Santa Ana, CA.

I was asked to provide lighting design and direction that would be specific to the aesthetic of Delta Spirit as well as helping to establish the brand of the festival.

A triangle, also the Greek letter Delta (∆),  had been used in previous touring designs for the band and was also prominent in the marketing for the festival. The lighting design featured a large central triangle and two additional trusses that implied two additional unfinished triangles off to the sides.

Incandescent Video

Early on in discussions with the Delta Spirit guys we decided that having a lot of incandescent / tungsten lamps would fit their vibe well and be good for making the festival rig look big and bright. I like using lots of blinders on shows to help connect the band to the audience and vice versa. I love the feeling when all of that warm light comes blasting out at you at the end of a song or a big hit.

A triangle of Krypton 5x5 blinders were built behind the band, leaving two vertical negative spaces to break up the look a bit. The fixture is basically a 5x5 grid of halogen bulbs that can be individually controlled. I used Resolume Arena 5 as a media server to send pixel mapped video signal from the server to the lighting console. The console was able to control how much of the video signal was mixed into the output of the lights allowing for simultaneous running of video and console generated effects.

I spent a bit of time in pre-production selecting clips that fit the songs and would work well being played back on a monochromatic light emitting wall. Overall, it worked to great effect (See videos below) and the band and festival producers loved it.

VIDEO - Highlights from the Delta Spirit set at Outpost

VIDEO - Behind the Scenes / Gear Review of Resolume Arena 5 and the Incandescent Video Wall