The Gateway - Coachella

The Gateway was designed as a art installation piece for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in California. The arches were 30' high by 60' wide. Custom projections from a variety of talented video artists were mapped on to both sides of the sculpture. The sculpture itself was a custom designed piece. LED Lighting was installed inside the legs and programmed and controlled by me. Stageworks provided logistics and lighting (and some highly skilled forklift driving by Simon Clark).

VIDEO - The Gateway in motion

The Dome - Coachella

The Dome was a project for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The Dome itself was 90' wide by 45' tall and was used for the official festival late night dance party. We used 100 moving head LED lights spread out evenly across the entire surface of the Dome. A hybrid control system was developed by myself and Todd Moyer using Derivative Touch Designer and a Grand MA2 console. Audio output from the DJ was processed and sent back out to the Dome lights in the form of pulsating colors and patterns that would react in time to the music. A Stageworks production.